Informed or Deformed

Antropy seems so obvious, a viable concept. How could there not be a word to describe the opposite of entropy? How could there not be a description of all that has been achieved over the past 6,000 years, mistakes made, lessons learned, changes chosen, progress produced? Have we removed even the need or possibility of a word for the opposite of entropy? How can we be so aware of all that is negative and so unaware of all that is positive? The answer is :-


Never before have we been so well connected, yet so ill informed. ©mrs


Is this a true statement? Are we all so well connected to all kinds of knowledge? With our access to so many forms of media, is it even possible that we are all so poorly informed? The answer is Yes, and there is a real danger in not knowing what is true or false, what is fact or fiction!


We are inundated on a daily basis with all the horrors that are going on, that catastrophic events are just around the corner, that the sky is falling, that the world will burn, that the land will flood, that we are doomed unless we vehemently and violently take action. Revolution must take place, championed by some leader or faction that knows the way, the truth, and the light, and all you must do is believe! (plus send a little money in taxes). 

And if you find some truth in the above cartoon, how “informed” is that ‘stock tip’?

Today, does media in all its forms inform or inflame? Will we innovate or immolate?

Is this overly dramatic media message of impending disaster of  ‘only years to live’ true?  NO.  Are there problems that require analysis, measurement, discussion, solution and action? YES

How big, how bad, how serious, are these problems?  Not that unsolvable and not that big. 

We have solved them for over 6,000 years, there is no reason to stop now. Antropy Rules!