FREEDOM TO CHOOSE for daily amazing examples of human achievement This is a fantastic website with amazing data banks. It is closer to anything that we may do and we should form an alliance with their capabilities. I even question whether the Antropy website is necessary given the scope and depth of this site. I guess we will try it and find out. Our mission is not to duplicate their work but to calibrate it over time and show the continuous exponential improvement in our civilization.
Bjorn Lomborg work on the net effect of the Paris accord by 2100 The prioritization of effort to improve our world, yield per dollar spent. The work of Dr. Patrick Moore, founder of GreenPeace  The first politician to raise climate change as an issue, Margaret Thatcher
  1. You cannot discuss what you cannot define
  2. You cannot manage what you cannot measure, open discussions to the long form of discourse evolving on the Intellectual Dark Web,
  3. Dave Rubin, Jordan Peterson, Sam Harris, the Epsteins, etc. the hierarchy of power versus the hierarchy of competence. The first enslaves, the second enriches
Paul Rosenberg article ‘life reverses entropy’ Recommend all 100 FMP articles at Recommend following the new PSI, Parallel Society Initiative
Matt Ridley, Work on credentialism, ad hominem attacks
Go to Jeff Dejardin’s  site  Again their data banks are a treasure trove of information on human achievement. They are also local and we should form an alliance with them.