We have never been so well connected and so ill informed. -mrs

We define Antropy as the accumulation of civilization, the positive accretion of knowledge and experience, the achievements of our species, the enhancement of existence on and for our planet, the positive actions we have taken in the past and will take in the future for our planet to thrive and prosper.

The purpose of the Antropy website is to collect, curate, and communicate the contributions of human beings over time to the flourishing of all life on this planet.

Antropy celebrates human achievement, singular and cumulative. Antropy means doing good well, personally and publicly.

Antropy is - The antidote to chaos, the building up of civilization, not the wearing down, the opposite of entropy, wearing down is aging, tearing down is suicide, building up is growing up

Antropy is - doing good well, use this as a close for speeches. Close with "Thank you for that most precious of gifts, your time. Do Good Well. "

Antropy is - the accretion of knowledge, not the dissolution of ability, the pursuit of ignorance, the infection of group identity,

Antropy is - the perception of reality, not the deception of ideology, “what is” versus “what should be” (says who?)

Antropy is - the joy of achievement, not the sadness of sloth