Entropy is the wearing out of everything, the slow death of the sun and the planets, the cessation of all life over the next few million years.

It all seems so dismal that no one questions the inevitability of entropy. No one asks the question, do we have to accept this, how do we change it, what can we do, or even what is the opposite of entropy?.

There is no word for the opposite of entropy, no dictionary has such a definition, so we invented one:-


We define Antropy as the accumulation of civilization, the positive accretion of knowledge and experience, the achievements of our species, the enhancement of existence on and for our planet, the positive actions we have taken in the past and will  take in the future for our planet to thrive and prosper.

The purpose of the Antropy website is to collect, curate, and communicate the contributions of human beings over time to the flourishing of all life on this planet.

Antropy celebrates human achievement, singular and cumulative. Antropy means doing good well, personally and publicly.

Entropy erodes
Antropy accretes,  

Entropy is the wearing down of our species
Antropy is the building up of our species 

Entropy takes order and devolves to chaos
Antropy takes chaos and evolves to order 

Entropy is destruction
Antropy is construction 

Entropy is the deception of ideology
Antropy is the perception of reality,

so where do we start?

For many thousands of years, human beings were small isolated tribes, nomadic and constantly at war with each other just to survive. The impact of our species really started only 6,000 years ago, when we stopped being warring small groups and learned to specialize our skills and functions so we could collaborate and trade with each other.

Some became farmers, some hunters, some traders, some builders, and this evolution of the division of labour and specialization of skills expanded to the point that each individual could take the time and effort to learn to be of worth (BOW) to another human being and trade a wide and growing set of goods and services to and for the benefit of all.

We continued this accretion of experience and expertise with significant exponential growth in the last 200 years. It is apoptotic (readily provable) that now is the best we have ever been,that life itself has flourished and will continue to do so for millions of years. This is the history of Antropy.

Entropy will finally occur due primarily to the death of our sun, but human beings can, with intelligence and effort, harmoniously extend the lifespan of all species and the planet, allowing all to flourish. It is now possible that we could slow down and even reverse Entropy on Earth. This is why we must examine and understand Åntropy.

The Antropy series will collect and curate what have we rejected, what have we retained, what have we lost, what have we learned, what have we quit, what have we kept. We will examine the cyclical nature of time, the thousands of cycles that interact, and the interconnectedness and interdependence of people on this planet, past and present. The series will show that we have finally learned to accumulate knowledge and skill, to pass it on to succeeding generations and to evolve this enlightenment as we face a future filled with potential.

We will examine the Entropy and Antropy of Progress.